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Our Product Details :-
We provide our customers highly efficient Air Compressor that are efficiently converts gas into kinetic energy. To meet the requirement of our customers, we offer Vertical Air Compressor, Air Filters & Oil Separators For Screw Compressor and Oil free Air Compressor. These are appreciated for consistent performance and low maintenance. Our clients can buy these machines at competitive prices.
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Refrigerated Air Drier
We offer highly efficient Refrigerated Air Dryers are based on the latest technology. This works on the principles of cooling of the compressed air. These are highly acknowledged for high operational efficiency and sturdy construction. Our air driers consumes low power approximately 5.0 kwh for 1000 cubic feet per minute of air.
Working Process :
  • In refrigerated air drier the cooling takes place in two stages.
  • Firstly, the air is compressed at 40 Degree C before entering the pre cooler of refrigerated air drier.
  • For compressing the air, the incoming hot-wet air is cooled by the outgoing cool-dry air.
  • The outgoing cool-dry air is heated up to operating temperature of about 28 – 32 degree C.
  • After the hot-wet air is partially cooled, it enters the evaporator.
  • In the evaporator, this partially cool air is chilled down to a temperature of about 2 to 8 degree C.
  • Moisture in vapour form is condensed because of the low temperature and enters into moisture separator, by the mechanical action the condensed moisture separates from the air.
  • With the help of an automatic drain valve, moisture is drained out from the moisture separator.
  • In second phase, after compressing is over, this dry-cool air passes through the pre cooler.
  • This process enables to get the dry air at the outlet with a pressure at the dew point temperature of about 4 Degree C or as required but must be above 2 degree C.
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Heatless Air Drier
Available with us are superior quality Heat less Air Drier that are provided with chemical desiccants such as silica gel, activated alumina and molecular sieves that are capable of absorbing moistures on its surface hence drying the air. Our heatless driers are provided with columns that are filled with the chemical absorbent. When the columns in the driers reach the saturation point, one the columns restores the drying capacity through regenerating process. During regenerating process, 15% of the dried air is used to blow out the moisture containing air. Our customers can buy from us these heat less air driers that consume less time for drying.
Air Dryer 2
Air Dryer 2
Air Receiver
We are an established manufacturer and supplier of Air Receivers that are used in air compressor to receive and store pressurized air. These are available in both horizontal and vertical shape. On customers demand we provide test certificate and radiography certificate, which assures that our product's quality.
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Specification :
Capacity From 45 ltrs (0.045 M3) to 10000 Ltr (5 M3)
Max. Working Pressure From 150 PSIG (10.5kg/cm2g) to 1000 PSIG (70.3 kg/cm2g
Activated Carbon Filter
We are one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of highly efficient Activates Carbon Filters that are widely appreciated for taking away oil and moistures from compressed air. These are provided with activated carbon granules that abstracts oil and its vapour from the pneumatic systems. For more dust free air, our clients are recommended to fit an extra on line filter before the application points of the activated carbon filters.
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Moisture Separator / After Cooler
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Moisture Separator that are extensively used for abstracting moisture and removing dirt, dust & water particles into the pneumatic system. These are made using 3 micron Borosilicate Glass Fiber that are ensures durability and ensures long service life. For better performance, our customers are advised to fit the separator before the application point.
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After Cooler
We offer our customers high grade Water Cooled After Cooler that are used for reducing the temperature of the the air compressor. To dissipate the heat of the compressor, water is passed in turbulent flow through the available shell and tube in the cooler hence resulting in moisture separation. Our coolers are designed such a way that the water is supplied from the opposite direction of the compressed air inlet so that to increase the efficiency.
Specification :
Capacity 10 CFM to 1000 CFM and
Working Pressure 150 PSIG to 1000 PSIG
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